Behind the Art - My Journey to Becoming a Resin Artist

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Behind the Art - the Beginning of my Journey

Often I am did you start working with Resin? Here is my Story. I hope it encourages others to begin their Art Journey and not to be afraid to just try!

Behind the Art - Long Winters

Long Winters have a way of making us search for indoor hobbies, and that's precisely where my creative journey took root. With cold winds and blowing snow howling outside, I found myself looking for something new, something to brighten those gray days. That's when I stumbled upon acrylic paints and a stack of plain, white tiles. It was an experiment that would forever change my perspective on Art.

Behind the Art - Early Attemps 

My early attempts with acrylic pouring resulted in what I affectionately call my "abstract phase" – though some might just call it messy! But isn't that how we all start?

Then, as fate would have it, I stumbled upon a magical medium – Epoxy Resin. I was hooked, and I couldn't help but dive deeper into this mesmerizing Art form. My first coaster looked more like a glittery mess than a functional piece, but it became a cherished reminder of my Artistic Journey's humble beginnings.

Behind the Art - Learning with YouTube

YouTube became my teacher, introducing me to a vibrant community of artists who created stunning pieces using resin. Watching their videos, I felt inspired and motivated to keep improving my craft. Every mishap turned into a lesson, and every challenge was a steppingstone toward becoming a better Artist. I’m so thankful for all those Artists that I watched, and their willingness to share their craft.

Behind the Art - Failure at First Attempt

My first attempt at Resin Art was far from perfect, and my poor coaster still sits in my Craft Room. But it's all part of the journey, right? As they say, "Every master was once a disaster," and I couldn't agree more. I did wonder, however, why that first attempt never looked anything like the lady on YouTube...makes me laugh to this day everytime I look at that poor ugly coaster. As I tell everyone that asks how I began, practice makes perfect. You cannot give up if your first attempt failed, or you thought it should have been better. Keep going, keep trying, never stop, for one day you will look back, like I do, and say I did it!!

Behind the Art - Drying Flowers

I fell in Love with the idea of preserving the fleeting beauty of real flowers, starting with a Sunflower. I wanted to freeze its vibrant petals and golden hues in time, creating a piece of art that captured the essence of Nature's Beauty.

And that's how my Journey into drying Botanicals began. Each flower, each tiny mushroom, became a canvas for nature itself. I'd pick all the flowers I could during our walks in the Forest, then take them home to dry them. It was then I realized I also became a flower hoarder! I couldn’t get enough of the colours and variety I would find. I felt like I had to have them all.

Behind the Art - My Final Thoughts

So, here I am, sharing my Artistic journey with you, from those clumsy acrylic strokes on plain tiles to mastering the Art of Resin and preserving the beauty of nature's treasures.

If my story has taught me anything, it's that Art is not about where you start; it's about the journey and the discoveries you make along the way.

So, to all the aspiring artists out there, remember that your first attempt might not be perfect, but it's a beautiful step in the right direction. Keep experimenting, keep learning, and keep creating – your Artistic Adventure Awaits!

How to Dry Your Own Flowers:


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