Explore Nature's Palette

"Hygge," a Danish word pronounced "hoo-guh," embodies the feeling of Cozy Contentment and Well-Being that comes from Simple Pleasures and Connections with Nature. At Dragonfly Treasures I create Art & Jewelry that brings the Essence of "hygge" into your Life.

Dried Resin Floral Art picking Daisies

Nature's Whisper, Crafted for Your Home - Where Every Petal Tells a Story

Embark on a Journey with me as I collect Flowers and Botanicals from Mother Nature, Handcrafting them into Resin Home Decor and Jewelry. I bring the Essence of the Outdoors into your Living Space & your Accessories, creating a Harmonious Blend of Nature and Art that speaks to your Soul.

Behind the Art
  • Real Pressed Flowers

    My Home Decor & Jewelry features real Pressed Flowers and Botanicals that I personally gather and dry, capturing the timeless Beauty of Nature in each Unique Creation


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  • Seas the Day

    Dive into the Serenity of the Sea with my Ocean-Inspired Art, adorned with real Sand and Seashells. Each piece captures the essence of the Shore, bringing the Tranquil Beauty of the Ocean into your Space