Nature's Palette in Every Piece

Color Your World with Handmade Floral Jewelry and Home Decor Inspired by Nature


Handmade. Nature Inspired. Whimsical

Dragonfly Treasures specializes in creating Unique Jewelry & Home Decor that Celebrates the Beauty of the Natural World. Each Piece Incorporates Natural Materials that have been Collected & Dried ensuring every Item is infused with the Essence of Nature. Enjoy Home Decor & Jewelry that brings a Touch of the Outdoors into your Everyday life, blending Organic Beauty with Handcrafted Elegance.

  • Be Unique

    Nature's Palette in Every Piece: Adorn Yourself with Jewelry that Sparks Conversations and Shares the Unique Energies and Stories of Nature.

  • Nature Frozen in Time

    Each Flower and Botanical in our Collections is handpicked and dried, then delicately Encased in Resin, capturing the Timeless Essence of Nature's Beauty.

  • Reflect Your True Self

    Choose pieces that resonate with your Spirit. Embrace the Beauty of the Outdoors with Decor and Jewelry that Connect you to the Natural World.

Explore Nature's Palette

"Hygge," a Danish word pronounced "hoo-guh," embodies the feeling of Cozy Contentment and Well-Being that comes from Simple Pleasures and Connections with Nature. At Dragonfly Treasures I create Art & Jewelry that brings the Essence of "hygge" into your Life.


Meet the Maker

Hi! I'm Heidi, proud Owner of a Small Shop in Cold Lake, Alberta creating Botanical Jewelry & Home Decor inspired by Mother Nature!

Each Piece is Adorned with Natural Materials I've carefully collected from the Boreal Forest of North East Alberta.

My Handmade Artisan Jewelry incorporates dried Flowers, Botanicals and Ocean Treasures, created in small batches for one-of-a-kind Accessories.

I create Unique Handmade Home Decor where each Piece is Infused with Mother Nature

As I Craft each Design, I picture a walk through the Forest, picking my favourite Flower out of the Garden, or combing the Beach looking for that special Seashell or Seaglass that is washed upon the shore. I wish for all of you to feel that same connection to the awe-inspiring Beauty of the Natural World through my Collections.

  • Real Pressed Flowers

    My Home Decor & Jewelry features real Pressed Flowers and Botanicals that I personally gather and dry in the Boreal Forest and Beaches of North East Alberta.


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  • Handmade and Unique

    I take pride in offering Handmade and Unique Creations. My Commitment to quality Ensures that each Piece is a One-of-a-Kind Treasure, Infused with the Essence of Nature.

Embark on a Journey through the Wonders of Nature: Join Me as I Delve into the Inspiration behind my Art