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  • Real Pressed Flowers Nature Inspired Wall Art - Garden Portal

    Wall Art

    A walk in the Forest, or sitting on a Beach hearing the waves roll in, each of my pieces will bring you the feeling of Nature.

  • Whimsical Resin Art

    Indulge in a World of Enchantment and Joy with my Whimsical Art, where every piece tells a Story and brings a touch of Magic into your Home.

  • Floral Suncatcher with Rainbow Effect -Pressed Flowers and Hummingbird


    Transform your Home into a Blossoming Haven with my captivating Suncatchers, designed to capture the the Vibrant Beauty of real pressed Flowers & Botanicals

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Magical Dandelion Seeds, Tiny Mushrooms to Misty Ferns, I have created Collections of Soulful, Earthy Jewelry. Would you like a bit of the Forest in your Jewelry Box?

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Bring the Beauty of Nature Indoors

Welcome to my World, where Art and Nature Entwine, and Every Piece tells a story of the Great Outdoors.

Hi there! I'm Heidi.

In my Collections, you'll discover Handmade Jewelry & Art created with real dried Botanicals, Flowers and other Organic Material. Each piece I create is a Tribute to the Beautiful Things Nature offers us.

As the Summer Months unfold, I embark on Journeys to gather Fragments of Flowers, Botanicals, and even Seashells, all with the purpose of preserving Nature's fleeting moments. All the bits and pieces I collect are dried, pressed and stored to be used in my pieces. My discovery of Resin allows me to capture these moments, as if the Forests, Gardens and Beaches are frozen in time. This Art Form allows me to preserve those moments of simple Joy and Peace we feel as we walk through the Forest, tend to a Blooming Garden, or Beachcombing for Treasures along the Shoreline.