Cherry Blossom Charm - Handmade Pressed Flower Resin Earrings
Cherry Blossom Charm - Handmade Pressed Flower Resin Earrings
Cherry Blossom Charm - Handmade Pressed Flower Resin Earrings
Cherry Blossom Charm - Handmade Pressed Flower Resin Earrings
Cherry Blossom Charm - Handmade Pressed Flower Resin Earrings
Cherry Blossom Charm - Handmade Pressed Flower Resin Earrings
Cherry Blossom Charm - Handmade Pressed Flower Resin Earrings
Cherry Blossom Charm - Handmade Pressed Flower Resin Earrings

Cherry Blossom Charm - Boucles d’oreilles en résine de fleurs pressées faites à la main


Wear Your Story: Embrace Your Birth Month that is as Unique as You

Présentation d’une fusion délicate d’élégance et de nature.

Ces boucles d'oreilles en fleurs de cerisier comportent deux délicats anneaux en argent en forme de larme. La plus petite larme présente de délicates fleurs de cerisier pressées et séchées conservées dans de la résine. Pour plus de fantaisie, un petit papillon en or rose semble planer au-dessus des fleurs.

Suspendues dans de la résine transparente, les délicates fleurs roses occupent le devant de la scène, ajoutant une touche de charme botanique. Les fleurs et le papillon créent un équilibre harmonieux.

Suspendues gracieusement aux boucles d'oreilles pendantes en acier inoxydable argenté, ces larmes incarnent la simplicité et la beauté, offrant un lien subtil mais saisissant avec les merveilles du monde naturel.

Parez-vous de l’essence de la nature, magnifiquement capturée dans chaque pièce fabriquée à la main.

La grande larme mesure 1,5"

La petite larme mesure 0,5"

Les clous de boucles d'oreilles sont hypoallergéniques, sans plomb et sans nickel.

Jewelry as Unique as You

  • Every Flower & Botanical is carefully picked and dried before placing in Resin
  • Shop Jewelry that resonates with your love of nature
  • Unique Designs - Nature's Palette in Every Piece
  • Lightweight yet Durable for Everyday Wear
  • Crafted with Hypoallergenic materials, ensuring comfortable wear for even the most sensitive skin

Each piece individually handcrafted ensuring no two pieces will be exactly alike

Free shipping across Canada on all Jewelry


The Accessory you will be reaching for every morning

Do you want to bring the beauty of nature into your daily routine? My entire website is filled with stunning pieces that do just that! I create unique nature-inspired Jewelry using natural items like flowers, mushrooms, and botanicals, encased in resin. Forget generic jewelry—experience the joy of wearing handcrafted, organic pieces that make you love your nature-inspired accessories as much as your comfiest pajamas.

What it's like to feel Connected to Nature

Our handcrafted jewelry brings the outdoors closer, featuring genuine botanicals and flowers suspended in time. Each piece is a miniature ecosystem, a slice of nature that you can carry with you always.

👉 Feel the tranquility of a forest walk with every glance 
👉 Carry the vibrant energy of a summer meadow wherever you go
👉 Reconnect with Nature with wearable art


Each piece is handmade  in small batches in Canada. We’re a 100% woman-owned company in Cold Lake, Alberta, making pieces out of our small studio.


Jewelry made from natural materials like real pressed flowers offers a unique beaty that generic pieces simply can't match. Each piece tells a story, connecting you to the tranquility of nature and the charm of the outdoors.


Your satisfaction is my priority. If you don't love your purchase, I'll work with you to find a solution. I am dedicated to delivering the best customer service experience to every individual who entrusts me with their purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions


Orders are typically shiped via Canada Post with 1-2 busines days after the order is placed. Custom orders are processed with 4 business days. Delivery times will depend on your location. 


Our shop is located in Cold Lake, Alberta, a beautiful area nestled within the Boreal Forest. This pristine natural environment is where we collect the flowers and botanicals used in our handcrafted jewelry, ensuring each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.


Each piece is unique and hancrafted, making it one-of-a-kind and impossible to duplicate exactly. This is why handmade accessories are superior to generic ones, offering individuality and personal connection that mass-produced items can't match.


Resin is strong and durable but should be treated as a ceramic as it can break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. For long-lasting use keep out of direct sun exposure.
- Remove your Jewelry when applying lotion, perfume, hairspray, or other beauty products, showering or swimming, cleaning with harsh chemicals.
- Do not allow your Resin Jewelry to become extremely cold or hot. i.e. do not keep in a Vehicle during extreme temperatures as this can effect the beauty & shine of your Jewelery over time.
- Do not store in direct sun as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause colours to fade over time.


At Dragonfly Treasures, I take immense pride in crafting each piece of resin art with meticulous care and attention to detail. Due to the handmade nature of my Art, slight variations and imperfections are normal and add to the uniqueness of each creation. I want to assure you that I strive to provide the highest quality in my Resin Art, and your satisfaction is my top priority.

Follow the link to my Return Policy:

Why Do Customers Trust Us?

Quality Craftsmanship: Each Piece is carefully handcrated, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

Authentic Materials: We use genuine, natural elements like real pressed flowers, collected from the Boreal Forest in North East Alberta.

Customized Customer Experience: Our commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction has earned us a loyal and trusting clientele.

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See what our customers have to say...



My Wife loved the Earrings and necklace I bought for her. They're so incredibly beautiful. Thank You

wish pic.webp__PID:b3f5ba8c-09d5-4790-8812-41bfa7da6634

Dani B

Shipping was quick and it was packaged with care. The pendant is so unique and is exactly what I was hoping for! Would not hesitate to order from Dragonfly Treasures again.


Tarren L.

The earrings that I received from Dragonfly Treasures Resin Art & Gift Shop were absolutely stunning. The natural botanicals contained within the resin were carefully placed, with attention to detail. Shipping was fast, and I am so happy to have a piece of unique artwork to wear.

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