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Dragonfly Pyramid - Sunshine & Sunflowers - Glass Reflections

Dragonfly Pyramid - Sunshine & Sunflowers - Glass Reflections

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Embark on a Journey of Mystique with my Dragonfly Pyramid Sculpture —a Fusion of Nature and Resin have joined forces to bring a Unique Accent to your Home Decor.

This Dragonfly Pyramid  showcases a real Dragonfly perched on top of a Sunflower that I gathered and dried in the Fall. The base is made of reflective glass in soft browns.

The Dragonfly, symbolizing change and transformation, harmonizes with the pyramid's ancient significance, representing Strength and Enlightenment.

The Dragonfly Pyramid stands on glass feet adding a touch of Glamour.

Add a touch of Enchantment to your Decor with my Dragonfly Sunflower Pyramid, where the delicate Dance of Dragonflies meets the Radiant Bloom of Sunflowers, creating a mesmerizing centerpiece that brings the Beauty of Nature and a Touch of Magic into your Home.

Note: Dragonflies are ethically sourced

Pyramids measure 5"W x 6"H

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